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Application for Mobile Food Vender Permit

This application is for Mobile Food Vendors (MFV) conducting business within the City of North Charleston. Qualified MFV's must submit this application (Part One) and attach all associated supporting documentation outlined below (Part Two). Complete applications are typically reviewed within 10 business days and qaulified applicants will be issued a Mobile Food Vendor Permit in the form of a decal. MVF permit decals must be renewed every calendar year, before the MFV can renew their city business license. MFV permit decals are subject to revocation or suspension at any time.

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Part One - Application


I understand and agree that this decal is for authorization for the time period identified on the decal and the decal remains the property of the City of North Charleston. By submitting this application, I certify that I am an authorized agent for the company performing the work stated above, appropriately trained and qualified for the scope of work proposed, and all information provided is true and correct. I understand that if any information provided is found to be incorrect or falsely stated that any decals granted from this application are immediately null and void. I agree to comply with the ordinances of this jurisdiction and to perform the work herein stated in accordance with the submitted plans, specifications, applicable codes and standards, and shall be responsible for any and all violations of state laws and local ordinances. I understand that any deviation of work made without written approval subsequent to the issuance of the decal shall constitute grounds for revocation of such decal and that work is subject to field inspections. Decal is void if work is not started within six months of the date of issue or if work stops for a period of six months. All decals expire on the 30th day of April, unless revoked or suspended.


Part Two - Required Payment

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Part Three - Required Supporting Documents

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