North Charleston Police Department

Total Complaints by Month

These are the number of complaints received by the Office of Professional Standards over the past year. If a month is missing, then there were 0 complaints registered that month.

Total Complaints by Allegation

Total Complaints by Disposition

Based on the evidence considered, the investigation may reach one of the following dispositions:

  • Exonerated: Incident occurred, but was lawful and proper.
  • Not Sustained: Insufficient evidence to either prove or disapprove the allegations.
  • Sustained: The allegation is supported by sufficient evidence to justify a reasonable conclusion that the allegation is factual.
  • Unfounded: Allegation is false or not factual.

Total Complaints by Assignment

Officer and Complainant Demographics

Number of Complaints per Officer

These are the number of incidents where a North Charleston Police officer used force. The current month shows incidents reported to date, and will not show a complete list until after the month ends. If a month is missing, then there were 0 incidents involving use of force for that month.

Use of Force Incidents by Month

Use of Force by Type of Force

Use of Force by Assignment

Use of Force by Officer and Suspect Demographics

This data shows the total number of races or ethnicities of officers and suspects involved in use of force incidents.