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Step 1: Locate your facility location


  1. Use one of the search options below to find the location of your sign.
  2. Alternatively, you can pan and/or zoom directly to the location by using the city map. Click and drag to pan, and use the +/- buttons to zoom in or out.
  3. Click the map on or near your sign locaton.
  4. A red point will appear where you have clicked, marking the location.

    *You will not be able to fill out the form below until there is a red point on the map.

    *Once you have located your site, if an address is found, our system will fill in the 'Address' portion of the form below. If more than 1 address is found, it will choose the first address returned by the system. Please fill in any missing information, or correct any information you feel is incorrect.

  5. SWF Checklist - Use this checklist to help gather all the required information and documents.

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Step 2: Fill out the following application

* Indicates required information (Do not leave blank)

Applicant Information
  1. This is the primary contact for the application
Facility Owner Information (if different from applicant)
  1. This is the primary contact for the application
Representative Information (if applicable; must provide notarized statement from applicant)
  1. This is the primary contact for the application
Consultant Information (if applicable)
  1. This is the primary contact for the application
Project Information
  1. Description:

    General description of the proposed scope of work for the Collocation of the Small Wireless Facility or the replacement or construction of a new, modified or replacement Utility Pole, Wireless Support Structure or Decorative Pole for the placement of a Small Wireless Facility. The scope and detail of such description shall be appropriate to the nature and character of the work to be performed, with special emphasis on those matters, including but not limited to sub-surface utilities, likely to be affected or impacted by the work proposed:

    1. feet inches
    2. feet inches
    3. feet inches

    4. * If new Utility Pole, Wireless Support Structure or Decorative Pole is proposed, height of the tallest Utility Pole, excluding Transmission Poles, located in the same Covered Area, measured from grade, in place within five hundred (500’) linear feet on the same Covered Area as the subject Utility Pole, Wireless Support Structure or Decorative Pole (type “0” if no such existing poles within 500 feet):  feet
    1. * Are any and all portions of the application materials that are reasonably believed to contain proprietary or confidential information clearly marked as such on each page of the attachments?
  2. Certifications per Section 11-3(d)(xxi):
    1. By submitting this application, the Applicant swears the following to be true, to the best of his/her knowledge:
      1. The Small Wireless Facility will be suitably designed, installed and maintained in accordance with good and safe engineering practices, and will comply with applicable ground clearances, electrical safety clearances, and other standard requirements of the National Electrical Safety Code (the “NESC”), and all applicable federal, state and local laws.
      2. That all radiofrequency radiation emitted from the Small Wireless Facility will be and shall remain at all times in compliance with all applicable governmental and industry safety codes as applied in circumstances where there is uncontrolled access to the radiofrequency radiation emitted from the Small Wireless Facility.
      3. The Small Wireless Facility shall not result in human exposure to radiofrequency radiation in excess of the applicable safety standards specified in 47 C.F.R. Section 1.1307(b) as set forth in the FCC Final Rules.
      4. The installation and operation of the Small Wireless Facility will not interfere with any existing public or private utility systems, or any public safety systems.
      5. The owner or Permittee of the Small Wireless Facility, including any Wireless Services Provider utilizing the Small Wireless Facility, will comply with any environmental and industrial hygiene laws, including any regulations, guidelines, standards, or policies of any governmental authorities regulating or imposing standards of liability or standards of conduct with regard to any environmental or industrial hygiene conditions or concerns as may now or at any time hereafter be in effect, that are or were in any way related to the Small Wireless Facility’s installation, maintenance, operation, removal, or abandonment.
      6. The owner or Permittee of the Small Wireless Facility, including any Wireless Service Provider utilizing the Small Wireless Facility, and the Small Wireless Facility itself, shall upon its installation and for all periods thereafter, comply with all Applicable Codes.
      7. All terms and conditions stipulated in Article 11 of the Zoning Regulations will be adhered to. (Municode link to be provided when codified) Small Wireless Facility Ordinance
    2. Submission of this application indicates the owner, applicant, and contractor listed certify the above to be true and in compliance with the requirements.
Primary Contact *
Payment Method *
Disclaimer *
  1. By the act of applying for this permit, I of hereby certify that:
    1. I have read and examined this application and know the same to be true and correct, and, further, any construction will be conducted in compliance with this application and the relevant laws, ordinances, codes, and covenants.
    2. The construction activity for which this permit is sought is not contrary to nor prohibited by any recorded covenant (as required by S.C. Code of Laws Section 6-29-1145).
    3. The property owner consents to the construction activity for which this permit is sought.
    4. I understand that all work to be authorized by this permit is subject to inspection.
    5. I understand that, if this application is approved and a permit issued, only the contractor named on this application and permit will be authorized to perform the permitted work.
    6. It is understood that the City may revoke such permit if it is determined that:
      1. This application, drawings, and/or specifications contain an error, misstatement or misrepresentation of fact – either with or without intent on the applicant’s part – such as might have, if known, caused a denial of this application.
      2. There has been a change in plans subsequent to the issuance of a building permit made without approval of the City.
    7. All work upon the Public Rights-of-Way of the City shall be in accordance with all applicable standards, Applicable Codes, and the City Code of Ordinances, and will be done under the general supervision of the Department of Public Works or their designees. Approval of this permit does not constitute a waiver of any laws, regulations or rules of the City or of the City’s right to require the Applicant to secure the appropriate permits or authorizations, or to pay the applicable fees associated with the same; or a waiver of the City’s police powers.
    8. I understand that the City of North Charleston does not pick up trash generated by contractors, landscapers, businesses or other non-residential trash generators. Accordingly, at the conclusion of this project, I understand I will be responsible for ensuring the removal of any debris generated.


Acceptable File Formats include: .dwg, .pdf, .jpg, .doc, .docx and .gif
Please limit file name to 30 characters and do not use any special characters in your file name (for example *,@,$,-,', ect). Spaces are allowed.

Attachments required for application approval:
  1. Applicant’s notarized authorization of representative (if applicable)
  2. Engineered drawings meeting the requirements of Section 11-3(d)(iv)
  3. Plans for a larger network of planned Small Wireless Facilities (if subject site is part of larger planned network)
  4. Visual evidence and surveys demonstrating the visibility, height, type, and characteristics of the existing Utility Poles, utility structures, and equipment located within five hundred (500’) linear feet of the proposed installation of the Small Wireless Facility, Utility Pole, Wireless Support Structure or Decorative Pole
  5. Picture of the Utility Pole, Wireless Support Structure, or Decorative Pole upon which the SWF will be installed
  6. Documentation, both written and visual, demonstrating how the Small Wireless Facility, Utility Pole, Wireless Support Structure or Decorative Pole are consistent with both: (i) the overall design and character of the neighborhood and locations in which it will be placed, and with publicly available planned improvements to those neighborhoods; and (ii) with the corridor in which they may be placed, including publicly available planned corridor improvements, including, but not limited to, planned undergrounding of utilities.
*Upload buttons will not be enabled until after you have submited the basic application above. Uploading a file will take you to a new page where you can add additonal files.
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